S&K machinery is professional manufacturer of plastic machinery. With advanced production equipment and strict factory inspection system. Ensure the customer's basic interests. We recommend the main products are: plastic recycling washing line, plastic pipe production line, plastic granulating production line, crusher, shredder, milling machines, plastic belling machine, plastic mixer, plastic auxiliary machinery, and other auxiliaries products with superior performance, integrity of the price, perfect service sold and exported to cities in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries and regions.

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Uses and Features:
ZD series screw drive on the feeder for the auxiliary plastic processing the necessary support can be powdered or granulated plastic materials directly to the hopper of the automatic transmission, special equipment is to adjust the mixer. Contact material made ​​of stainless steel, raw materials during transportation completely free from pollution, do not bring any foreign objects, enabling the production process to achieve full closure of automation. Easy to install and can be moved, such as multiple spices machine using the same material, only one feeder platform at the same time more than one feeder for feeding, eliminating the trouble of feeding the workers, so that the work of feeding safer, less time and more effort.

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