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1 high degree of automation, the provincial labor.
2. packaging appearance, cost.
3. Inverter speed control, easy operation, stable performance.
4. Wrappers synchronous machine rotating rubber tires and tubes, when the film wrapped up with the pipe extrusion speed fully synchronized operation.

1. It is mainly used in PVC pipe production lines, traction and cutting machine installed in the middle of the film driven by frequency conversion motor rotating film and film, sheet film and the film they were controlled by two point shot PVC pipe with the relative tilt angle, with the PVC pipe extrusion, the sheet membrane surface evenly wound on PVC pipe, wrapped by the film in prison, and then cut pipes, thus forming: tube - packaging & mdash ; - Cutting-stop assembly line, the end of the pipe packaging rely on the history of artificial sets of film, reducing the human and material waste, improve production efficiency.
2. At present, the production process of PVC plastic pipe is pipe - pipe cutting assembly line, pipe off the assembly line and then packed by hand with a barrel-shaped film set in the PVC pipe, the two spent about twenty centimeters of plastic film used to tie closed prison, the barrel-shaped packaging film is very loose, so they will have some waste (packaging film sets are not otherwise go, and easy to make the packaging film hanging broken, the rain will have a pipe made Black and other issues), PVC pipe is easy to traverse, so this package just to prevent the transport of the surface of the PVC pipe hanging bumps, and the construction side to remove the cartridges before use packaging films, and then wrap the paste by hand tight packaging films and PVC pipe to prevent the construction of cement, mud and other effects on the pipe surface. LM-A-automatic PVC pipe wrapped in PVC film machine plastic pipe production process in one step, directly in line with the requirements of good wrapped packaging film, while significant cost savings to 110 pipe, for example, wrapping film machine after each use root of the cost of pipe around 0.54 yuan. PVC pipe for the current production, packaging, the status quo, our company developed the LM-A type automatic film wrapping machine PVC pipe, PVC pipe so wrapped well in the factory packaging film directly, saving three processes (sets of films, in addition to membrane and then wrapped membrane), to improve economic efficiency, reducing energy waste (other than a waste of the plastic film), while reducing white pollution. Therefore, economic, energy saving, environmental protection is the main purpose of the invention of the technology, of course, to use urgent installation of the machine is your choice.

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