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HFD double roll crusher

Roll Crusher Made from high alloy steel cutter comprising two cutting each other, crushing all kinds of soft and hard materials. Which is widely used in various solid waste, plastics, scrap appliances, paper, leather, rubber, rough broken, broken jobs.

The series of single-roll crusher for crushing hard chunks of crushed material, basket material, pipe, sheet metal, wood, tires, large film can be broken;
Precision machining of thick plate frame structure, a large angle hexagonal columns of strong rotation axis, large diameter solid cast hopper, so you can rest assured that investment in large-scale raw materials;
In thickness, shape, order and other aspects of the design process unique rotary knife, cut and strong, sharp blade, to high efficiency grinding;
PLC control, too much time dealing with things, with inversion and shutdown functions to protect the body, foolproof security measures;Low speed, low noise, less dust;Tool from special alloy steel production, durable;

Technical parameters:
Conventional models HFD60250, HFD60300, HFD60400
Power 75 +75 KW, 110 +110 KW, 132 +132 KW
Hydraulic power 11KW-15KW (15HP-20HP)
Feeder configuration can be equipped with automatic feeding conveyor, easy operation, labor intensity

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