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HFS single-roll crusher

Broken for a large number of various materials and special design, such as packaged bundles of thin film, large blocks of solid material body, outlet material, thick-walled tubes, trays, car bumpers, wood and other non-metallic products

1, the crusher rotor with a special knife block, knife block can be installed square. Square knife block design ensures a high cutting efficiency and prevent heat buildup. Square corner wear a knife block, knife blocks simply conversion direction to continue to use. Broken materials according to customer requirements and the final particles, can choose different tools and screens.
2, tool height adjustable to suit different materials.
3, knife block bolt for easy cleaning and maintenance.
4, in order to better crushing large volume of material, solid material such as blocks, trays, etc., before putting increased hydraulic pusher plate jagged. To prevent the material in the feeder and the crushing chamber to push the plot between the push up, push installed nylon slide feeder, the broken material smoothly into the crushing chamber. Pushed by the hydraulic control of the feeder will continue to push the rotor material to be broken, if the machine is overloaded, the rotor will be reversed, and the feeder is stopped pushing forward, back to the starting position.

Technical parameters:
Main parts tool (using high-quality tool steel), bearing (in Luoyang bearing, heavy duty bearings)
Conventional models PEP630 PEP1200 PEP2000
Maximum diameter of 630mm 1200mm 2000mm
Host power 22KW +5.5 KW37KW +11 KW 45KW +18.5 KW
Crushing power 11KW-30KW (15HP-40HP)
Two particles to coarse crushing crushing crushing crushing machine by the conveyor device directly into the high degree of automation
Independent power control electrical control box

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